Instructor Candidates & the Servant Mindset

By: Evelyn Pearcy, Krav Maga Instructor

When you think of your Krav Maga instructor(s), what do you envision? A charismatic badass? A trusted ally? A teacher? A mentor? Whatever lens you see your instructor through, it’s important to realize that there’s much more dedication, training, sacrifice, and service that they dedicate to their position and responsibility outside of teaching a few killer one-hour classes every week. All of our instructors share a very special inherent ability that is the foundation on which the rest of their skills as an instructor are built.

This “ability” is called the servant mentality. It is a mentality that allows someone to find purpose and motivation in the service of others despite personal sacrifice and struggle that may be required in order to better serve others. When we look for potential new instructors, this is one of the first traits that we seek out.

The process for finding a potential instructor candidate often begins in the training room. We obviously first notice students who have a great amount of raw physical talent and who respond well to constructive criticism and feedback. But what we look for beyond that is a student who goes out of their way to build other students and the class itself up. We want people who are willing to exert energy and heart into the development of others.

So, beyond physical capabilities, what generally impresses me most about potential candidates is their ability to create energy and use that energy to build others up without being asked or prompted. This servant mentality and energy is so important when looking for potential candidates because it’s not something that can be taught or learned. It is rooted in an inherent motivation to value the progress and growth of others as much as you value your own. This servant mentality is what sets our instructors apart from others and it is what we rely on to ensure that the safety and growth of our student base is a priority.

Rachel Parker