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Our Core Values

Our values are built upon mutual trust, encouragement, and accountability. We help our students to push themselves to the best of their abilities, resulting in healthier and more empowered individuals. Our student base is an incredible community of people from all walks of life who motivate one another, share their goals, and hold each other accountable.

Our Mission

Krav Maga Annapolis’ mission is to make people from all walks of life the safest, healthiest, strongest, and most confident version of themselves.  We do this by providing the very best self-defense and functional fitness classes, group and individual coaching for preventative safety, wellness, nutrition, and mindset coaching.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is not your traditional martial art. It was developed in a hostile environment in which students could not devote many hours to self-defense training. Because of this, the Krav Maga system was designed to bring students to a high level of proficiency in a short period of time. There are no forms (katas), rules, or set combinations as reactions to attacks. Rather, students learn to defend themselves through repetition of techniques, muscle memory, and instinct. Krav Maga training focuses on teaching simple self-protection techniques that are specifically catered to reality-based attack situations.

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We know, treadmills are boring. Luckily, all of our classes are an excellent workout. In addition to Krav Maga, we also offer high intensity fitness classes like Heavy Bag & Thai pads to complement your training. As we continue to grow, we will offer more fitness-focused classes in the future!


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Come in for a free Krav Maga class, tour our facility, and meet our staff. We can’t wait to meet you and learn more about your goals!

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Liz S. ★★★★★

“My sister and I joined Krav Maga Annapolis about 5 months ago and it was the best decision we ever made! The instructors and staff are awesome and so motivating! We've met an amazing group of friends, learned self defense, and always get a great workout! I would definitely recommend joining Krav Maga Annapolis! You won't regret it!”

Tidjani C. ★★★★★

“I have been to many fitness facilities over the years, but this place stands head and shoulders above your average gym. I was impressed by the trainers knowledge, and high level of professionalism. They will make sure that you get great results while minimizing the risk of injury by being attentive to detail, and by modifying exercises when necessary. I strongly recommend this facility!”

Priscilla S. ★★★★★

“When I started at Krav Maga Annapolis, I was looking for a new hobby. What I got was an amazing community of supporters in our journey to being stronger and safer. Krav is now part of my regular routine. I look forward to classes with motivating and knowledgeable instructors and a group of people who work at their hardest every time. It's been life changing!”

Get in shape, go home safe.

That’s our motto, and your reality. Krav Maga is an incredible workout - and we promise you’ll sweat. Our fitness classes are tailored to complement your Krav Maga training, and you’ll become stronger and faster in every class.

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